Joe Carnahan May End Up Writing & Directing 'Bad Boys 3' for Sony

Well this is big news for Joe Carnahan. Word from Deadline is that Joe Carnahan, who last directed the film Stretch, is looking at taking over Bad Boys 3 in development at Sony Pictures. They say that Carnahan is "in early talks to do a quick pass to possibly direct". That means that he's going to revise the script, and maybe direct, Bad Boys 3 next for the studio. The first two Bad Boys movies starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence were directed by Michael Bay, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, when this group was actually delivering great action movies. We're been hearing about a Bad Boys 3 for a while, with Lawrence saying it's close to happening as of late last year. This might be the final piece of the puzzle, with things moving fast.

The original Bad Boys first hit in 1995, and 2003, eight years apart. And they're actually awesome action movies, better than expected. By the time this comes out it might end up being 14 years since the last one, so they better figure out something unique with the characters, especially if they're bringing back Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. Speaking of, the report adds that "this is all moving quickly as the studio wants to have the movie for Will Smith to consider as his next slot after Suicide Squad." Joe Carnahan is actually the perfect choice if they can't get Michael Bay, as he has action experience with The A-Team and Smokin' Aces. If you haven't seen his latest, Stretch, it's on Netflix here. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this sequel.